Friday, July 6, 2012

Free Black and Cream Damask Blogger Background

Our free Black and Cream Damask Blogger Background has a sophisticated and clean feel and look. To install, simply copy (Control + C) the entire HTML code below and follow the installation instructions below.

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Font Suggestions for This Blogger Theme:
Page Text: Crimson Text
Post > Title Font: Josefin Slab
Gadgets: Homeade Apple
Text and Link Colors: Dark Grey

Step-by-Step Background Installation Instructions:
1. Login to Blogger and click on "View Blog"
2. Click "Design" > then click "Template" > then click "Customize"
3. Choose the "Watermark Template" in the brown theme
4. Click on "Background" and then "Remove Image"
5. Click on Adjust Widths and set to 880 px wide
6. Click on Advanced and then "Outer Background"
7. Click on the down arrow and select "Transparent"
8. Click on "Footer Background" and select "Transparent"
9. Click on "Back to Blogger" at the top
10. Select "Layout"
11. On the Layout Preview's sidebar, click on "Add A Gadget"
12. Choose the gadget entitled "HTML/javascript" by clicking the + sign to the right of it
13. When the input box appears, leave the "Title" box blank and paste the HTML code that you copied from above into the large textbox
14. Click "Save Arragement"
15. Click "View Blog" to see your new layout

Step-by-Step Header Installation Instructions
1. Login to Blogger and in your blogs control panel click on "Layout"
2. On the Layout preview window, look for text that has the name of your Blog on it near the top (this is directly under the Favicon and Navbar area). This is the header portion of your template. Click "Edit" beside the text of the name of your blog. A box should come up with the header information
3. Beside "Image", click on "Browse" and find the image on your computer
4. After the image is found and selected click "Open"
5. Make sure the radio button beside "Instead of Title and Description" is selected
6. Click "Save" and View Your Blog to make sure the changes have been saved